Basic Landscaping Ideas, Tips & Tricks

June 1, 2017

Want to create a garden oasis, but don’t know where to start? Let’s explore basic landscaping tips and tricks to consider before getting your hands dirty.

Design Ideas- The Elements


Lines are a designer’s best friend, so it should come as no surprise that shapes can help liven your outdoor design. You should consider the layout of your home before deciding what shapes to use. Start with the lawn. Creating curves to a large lawn can create a natural, calming landscape while curves on a small lawn can come across as harsh. Look at your yard and imagine how the space would look with say a square garden, an oval island, or could you create another interesting shape to spark interest in an area otherwise lacking intrigue?


Color- whether it’s plants, products, or decorations- the color impacts the feel of your landscaping space. Is there a part of your lawn you want to showcase? Did you make room for a lounging area where you plan on relaxing? Having a basic understanding on color theory and how it relates to gardening and landscapes can help you achieve the aesthetic look you’re going for.


Add personality to your outdoor space by coming up with a unique theme. The possibilities on this are endless. Don’t feel limited by decorations you see in the store, either. You can use recycled materials to create your own theme design. Also, simple items become interesting when you group them together into a collection.


Levels create dimension, texture, and enhance space. Raised flower beds, rock boarders, steps, etc. can help you avoid too much flat space that can appear boring and lacking points of interest.


Adding paths throughout your gardening and outdoor space can make it easier to navigate, while adding a decorative area of interest. This is another chance to incorporate lines and shapes into your design. A winding path, for instance, can make for a whimsical feel within your flower garden.



Keeping your yard well maintained is a basic in aesthetic presentation, but how often do you “deep clean” outside? Taking the time out to examine where you can spruce up your space by doing things like cleaning concrete sidewalks and walkways can really take your yard design to the next level.


The worst way to spend your free-time has got to be an emergency visit to the doctor. Prepare in advance. Ensure that you have any safety equipment that you might need handy, keep harmful chemicals in a secure location, allow plenty of time to complete each project – rushing things can easily lead to a mishap, and also be sure to read all instructions before using new equipment and products.

Water Saving Tips

Did you know that longer grass keeps water from evaporating as much? Small changes to your routine such as mowing your lawn less and not watering on windy days can cut down on your outside water usage and help avoid hefty usage bills.

Xeriscaping. Not only does it cut your water usage drastically, but it comes with the added benefit of low-maintenance for those of us who don’t have as much time on our hands to spend in the yard as we’d need for the typical grassy landscape.

Map it out

Sketch a plan and bring it to life! This is your chance to daydream and consider the possibilities for your own backyard paradise. You can revisit your plan and sketches and decide what features you want to add, or remove. Take it a step further by visiting a landscape center and picking landscape products that match your vision.