Decorative Landscape Rocks in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah: Where to Buy and How to Install

October 23, 2012

Incorporating decorative landscape rock in your landscape adds interest, texture and color while decreasing the maintenance required by grass, plants or shrubs. While an interesting landscape should contain some living elements like grass and plants, your landscape should also use some hardscape elements. Hardscape refers to nonliving, permanent elements offered by patios, walkways, furniture and decorative rock beds or rock walls. The possibilities for landscaping with rocks are as endless as the sizes and colors available, ranging in color from intense purple to natural brown and ranging in size from large boulders to small trail chat.

In the article below, Staker Parson answers your questions about decorative landscape rocks: where to buy decorative landscape rocks in Utah and how to install decorative landscape rock. To request a quote for landscape rock in Utah or for questions regarding landscape rock, contact Staker Parson Landscape Centers at (801) 409-9500.