Jack B. Parson Companies’ Recycling Efforts Help the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Expansion

June 20, 2012

MONTPELIER, Idaho A rusty steel crusher part might not seem like a valuable donation, but for the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital in Montpelier, Idaho, it will be recycled to provide funds to build new, private patient rooms for the hospital’s expansion project to begin next year. Jack B. Parson Companies (JBP) donated the crusher part to the hospital board’s program, From Rust to Rooms.

John Hurren, JBP area manager, arranged for the donation. W”e found From Rust to Rooms to be a great place to recycle while giving back to our community,” Hurren says. “It was definitely a group effort to make this donation, and we appreciate Demar Romrell and his sons who loaded up the part and delivered it to the recycling yard.” In addition to donating the steel crusher part, JBP has donated several smaller loads of unused metal. More than 28 tons of material have been donated to date.

“From Rust to Rooms is designed to encourage community members to recycle rusty relics to help fund new private patient rooms, beautify the area and promote recycling in general,” says Julie Nelson, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital public relations associate. From Rust to Rooms accepts donations including cars, trucks or farm equipment and smaller items including aluminum cans, newspaper and prepared metals like copper or aluminum. The donations can be dropped off at Henning’s between normal business hours. Larger donations can be arranged for pick up.