September 18, 2014

Thank you for your services in regards to furnishing the ready mix. From the beginning we knew the schedule was going to be tight and that the utilization of your onsite batch plant was the only way to go. You ensured that it was set up properly and in accordance with the county requirements, and you met our demanding schedule needs. The plant was used to produce multiple mix designs, including footings and foundations, site concrete paving, bollard fill, and floor slab. There were a few times that the batch plant had to adapt to the site conditions and you were able to accomodate those circumstances by making on-the-fly mix design changes, which kept the schedule moving in the right direction.

Your onsite crew and local managers were very responsive and helpful. They worked many early mornings and long days satisfying the ready mix demands of the project. They were responsive to the floor slab contractor’s needs and demands as well. We are very pleased with how the floor slab turned out and it began by providing an acceptable ready mix. Thank you for your team’s efforts and labor in our behalf. They have helped the project be a success.