Ogden’s 12th Street Nears Completion

December 15, 2009

Since October 2008, crews have worked night and day to complete construction along the 12th Street corridor in Ogden. General contractor Staker Parson Companies announced that within the next two weeks, the mainline and side streets of the road will be completed and open to the public. The road features a unique concrete surface and is the first project of its kind done by Staker Parson in the Ogden area.

Liquid asphalt was extremely expensive and in short supply when the project was bid. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) decided to pour a concrete instead of asphalt surface, feeling that a concrete surface would not only be a more economical option, but would provide a longer life for the road based on the amount of traffic that travels 12th Street. Local businesses and a high volume of traffic make the road one of Ogden’s busiest. Staker Parson had a full time public information manager who worked directly with UDOT’s public information consultant to keep everyone informed on the daily construction and allow ┬áthe public to avoid certain parts of the project that were under construction.

Along with the challenge of traffic control and maintaining access for businesses, one of the biggest obstacles on the project was installing a new mainline water system forOgdenCity. The existing water line was installed long before anybody that worked on this project, including Ogden City and UDOT, were around. We had to rely heavily on old as-built drawings that were not always accurate. It took a lot of in the field engineering and cooperation to make things work, said Jeff Davis, project manager for Staker Parson.

To date, nearly 40,000 cubic yards of concrete have been placed. Before the concrete could be placed, grade crews rotomilled 65,000 tons of asphalt that will be used by Staker Parson in recycled asphalt pavement.

This was a great project for us because it involved cooperation from every subcontractor and every division of our company, saidDavis. We relied on the experience and expertise of everyone involved to make this a successful project.

Key subcontractors include Craythorne Inc., Craig Sorensen Construction and Romero Construction. A few minor items including landscaping, fencing, and signs will be completed in the spring, and the project will be completely finalized in April 2010.