Site Work, Excavating & Construction, Utah: Procter & Gamble Project Gold Rush

July 18, 2011

Owner: Procter & Gamble

General Contractor: SW&B Construction

Completion Date: Ongoing

Location: Tremonton, Utah

This $16 million dollar project involves constructing a new paper machine facility in Bear River City, Utah. Staker Parson began construction on the 750 acre site in 2008. Staker Parson imported fill material to raise the site 12-feet, and then removed the excess to allow the construction of buildings.

  • 2 million square feet of topsoil excavated
  • 1,000,000 tons imported fill material
  • 30,000 wick drains installed
  • 2 miles of road constructed around the site
  • 10,000 linear feet concrete pipe installed
  • 15,000 tons asphalt paving for roadway and parking areas