Staker Parson Companies Kicks Asphalt, Taking Several Quality in Construction Awards for Quality Pavements

May 22, 2015

May 4th, 2015: Staker Parson Companies and Hales Sand & Gravel were recently recognized for their excellent asphalt pavements. These were the only companies in Utah to receive the award this year. This is not the first time the companies have been recognized for their quality work paving the roads and highways we travel on. The awards were given in Florida at the annual awards breakfast on January 28th, 2015.


The Quality in Construction Award goes to those asphalt pavements that “deliver on the promise of high performance and drivability for the public,” said William C. Ensor III, NAPA 2014 Chairman. “Projects that earn a Quality in Construction Award have been measured against industry best practices designed to live up to that promise. I’m proud to say that, in earning a 2014 QIC Award, winning contractors have met or exceeded these rigorous standards.”


According to NAPA, eighty companies were honored with a Quality in Construction Award. Ninety of the projects were singled out for their use of sustainable construction practices, such as incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials and using warm-mix asphalt. Staker Parson Companies in Ogden and Hales Sand & Gravel in Redmond, Utah were among those companies.


The projects that were recognized are listed below. These projects could not have been completed at such a high quality standard without the teamwork and attention to safety from the employees, supervisors, and contractors.


Hales Sand & Gravel of Redmond, Utah

  • Hales Sand & Gravel Co. won the award for the construction of Runway 1/19 at Richfield Municipal Airport. The pavement consisted of geotextile fabric, 21 inches of subbase, 4 inches of permeable subbase, geotextile fiber, 8 inches of aggregate base, and 4 inches of asphalt for the surface. The company used a GPS-equipped paver for the final course.


Staker Parson Companies of Ogden, Utah

  • Work on U.S. 30 in Montpelier, Idaho: The company milled three inches off each lane of this busy two-lane highway, performed a full-depth reclamation, and then placed a final asphalt surface.


Staker Parson Companies of Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Work on I-15 in Utah County: The company worked at night, milling the roadway and placing a 1.5-inch course of asphalt on the surface. This was a pilot project that reduced motorists’ speed to 50 miles per hour in the work zone, which made crews safer without increasing traffic delays.
  • Work on SR 172 in Salt Lake County: The milling and paving work required the company to use several different traffic patterns to keep motorists safe. Staker Parsons Cos. completed the project on time and within budget.
  • Work on SR 190 in Brighton: This road is at the start of Brighton Ski Resort, which creates sub-surface and surface conditions that vary from saturated to dry. Staker Parsons Cos. worked on the road as snow melt started, but overcame problems to build a quality asphalt road in partnership with the Utah DOT.
  • Work on SR 89/State Street in Salt Lake County: Challenges included creating a workable schedule that allowed completion of this heavily traveled road within 90 calendar days. Work included milling and overlay of the road, as well as ramp replacements and utility collar reconstruction.