Staker Parson Employees Honored with Citizen Life Saver Award–Heroic CPR efforts save coworker’s life

August 31, 2012

LEHI, Utah – May 8 started like any other day for the mechanics at Staker Parson Companies’ Lehi shop. But the day was far from ordinary for employees Scott Hicken, Mike Rentmeister, Travis Hager, Garrett Butler and Darin King. When Scott Hicken became dizzy and passed out while working on a repair, his coworkers rushed to his aid and their heroic efforts helped save Hicken’s life. The employees and 911 dispatcher Jenny Snyder were honored by the Lehi City Fire Department with the Citizen Life Saver Award at Lehi’s City Council meeting on Aug. 29.

Garrett Butler and Darin King were standing near Hicken when he passed out. They rushed to grab him, preventing him from falling on the concrete floor. They quickly called other mechanics for help and dialed 911. Travis Hager and Mike Rentmeister assessed Hicken’s condition and discovered that he was not breathing. Despite their attempts to wake Hicken, he didn’t respond.

Dispatcher Jenny Snyder instructed the employees to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. Rentmeister and Hager began CPR while the other employees stabilized Hicken’s head while checking for signs of breathing and relaying instructions from the dispatcher. “We didn’t think twice,” said Rentmeister. “The dispatcher kept us calm and explained everything we needed to do. The four of us worked together and we just did what had to be done. We continued doing chest compressions until the paramedics arrived.”  All four of the mechanics completed CPR certification as part of Staker Parson Companies’ safety program.

When the paramedics arrived nine minutes later, they stabilized Hicken with a defibrillator. Using an innovative method to drop Hicken’s core temperature with ice packs and chilled IV fluids, the paramedics were able to save a higher percentage of his heart muscle.

When presenting the award, the Lehi City Fire Department praised the group, saying, “Because of the actions of the Staker Parson team, the expertise of the emergency medical dispatcher and the help of the Lehi City Fire Department, Scott Hicken has recovered fully and is back at work.”

Pictured in the photo:

Back row-Ryan Orr, Russ Poulson, Randy Harding, Rick Howard, Scott Wilbur–Lehi City Fire Department. Front Row-Scott Hicken, Jenny Snyder, Travis Hager, Darin King, Mike Rentmeister. Not pictured-Garrett Butler