Staker Parson Hosts Roadside Inspectors Course

October 24, 2018

For years the industry has been asking CVSA for training to understand the regulations and the Out-of-Service Criteria better, so they could be better prepared and in compliance during roadside inspections.  CVSA has always strived for uniformity and lowering the out-of-service rate to bring motor carriers into compliance, but the only way we were achieving that was through the education of inspectors and enforcement at the roadside.

Requests for the industry course continued to grow, and with the support of the CVSA Board of Directors, Kerri Wirachowsky – Director of Roadside Inspection Program, was tasked to develop a CVSA Industry Course. Kerri admits finding the venue for this course was not difficult at all. As word spread about the course, Dave Schofield, Staker Parson DOT Specialist and VP of the Associate Advisory Committee, quickly approached Kerri offering to assist in hosting the classes in Salt Lake City at the Utah Trucking Association office. With the help of Terry Smith with UTA and Dave Schofield with Staker Parson, the facility was equipped with everything Kerri needed and the parking outside allowed for vehicle placement for the practical part of the Vehicle Requirements Course.

On June 11, the first Driver Requirements Course began with 27 registered attendees. “I was excited and eager (and maybe a little nervous) to see how it was all going to work out,” said Wirachowsky. The attendees came from all aspects of the industry ranging from safety managers, ELD vendors as well as drivers from the US and Canada. The course was based on US regulations regarding any differences in Canada for the cross-border carriers. Information on how to properly file a DataQ was added to this course for the industry as well.

In July, another week-long class was led at UTA with 37 people in attendance. Approximately one-third of the class had attended the course in June with the rest being new attendees. Participants in this class included technicians, drivers, fleet, supervisors, inspection equipment suppliers and safety managers. This course was based on US regulations and included additional information related to Appendix G for the industry. Staker Parson and FedEx supplied the vehicles for the class. Participation was strong and some attendees even stayed late on a Friday night to run through a Level I Inspection on the tractor-trailer combination. The participants found the training to be very beneficial even offering to stay one or two days longer to have more hands-on inspection instruction.

“Special thank you to the sponsors Staker Parson and FedEx Freight for the donation of vehicles for the Vehicle Requirements Course,” said Wirachowsky, with a special thanks to Terry Smith from Utah Trucking Association for supplying coolers and soda each day and for the use of the facility.”