University of Utah Students Tour Staker Parson’s Beck Street Facility

November 5, 2012

Each year, dozens of student groups tour Staker Parson Companies’ operations and sites. Site tours allow groups to experience a mining operation firsthand, understanding how products are mined from the mountain, crushed for use in various products, then processed and eventually delivered to projects.

In conjunction with The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association, Staker Parson Companies recently hosted two groups of civil and environmental engineering students from the University of Utah. The students began their tour at the company’s Beck Street facility, visiting the mining operations and observing the crushing operations. The tour continued at the Beck Street quality control lab where students learned how asphalt mix designs are formulated. The students also toured the asphalt hot plant and learned about the life cycle of asphalt from the beginning of production to its completion and delivery to projects.

Craig Fabrizio, Staker Parson Liquid Asphalt Procurement Manager and immediate past President of the Utah Asphalt Pavement Association, said, “These students are the potential future employees of our company and our industry. The tour was very beneficial for them and our employees. A couple of weeks after the first tour, about 10 of these students took a tour of our Liquid Asphalt Oil Terminal in Ogden to learn more about that part of our business.”

Fabrizio reported that several of the students contacted him after the tour with additional questions and asking for other opportunities to tour Staker Parson facilities.