Utah Safety Council Lauds Staker Parson Companies for Safety Performance

September 23, 2010

OGDEN, Utah–The Utah Safety Council recently honored Staker Parson Companies and its subsidiary company Western Rock Products with three awards for the company’s outstanding safety performance. The awards program was held August 27, 2010 in conjunction with the Utah Safety Council Annual Meeting.

Western Rock was honored with the Perfect Record Award, an award presented to organizations that work twelve consecutive months without incurring an OSHA recordable injury, illness, days away from work or death.

The Award of Merit, presented to Staker Parson and Western Rock, recognizes organizations that demonstrate improvement in lost time and incident rates and/or maintain rates that are consistently below the industry average. In addition to extremely stringent date requirements, applicants for these awards must have functioning safety programs that include a formal written safety and health plan, emergency plans, safety and health inspections, safety trainings and employee safety committees.

Chris Kinnersley, Staker Parson VP of Safety & Human Resource, credits Western Rock’s excellent safety record to a behavior-based safety (BBS) process that values the active involvement and ownership of every employee in the safety culture. One of the employees involved in the BBS process, Tina Jasper, reports that BBS has been a positive experience. It has served as an awakening, making me more aware of my safety and aware of others safety. I have noticed that coworkers are more comfortable communicating about safety concerns and are offering their suggestions about how we can all improve safety.

Utah Safety Council’s Awards and Recognition Program is designed to promote prevention of unsafe acts by honoring organizations that are committed to excellent safety performance. The Utah Safety Council has spent over 70 years making Utah a safer place to live and work.