Staker Parson Companies Landscape Center Offering New Aggregate Sealers and Bark Binder

November 6, 2012

OGDEN, Utah–Staker Parson Companies Landscape Centers are now offering products designed to bind or seal decorative landscape rock, mulch and bark products used in landscaping. EkoFlo®, TechniSoil G3 Pathway Stabilizer®, NanoPave, and Bark Binder create an aesthetic surface while sealing and stabilizing existing pathways, patios, decorative rock or mulch beds, borders, curbing and landscaping that feature decorative rock and mulch. The products also offer permeability to allow water and essential nutrients to flow to the roots of plants and soil.

EkoFlo® is an aggregate binder that creates a durable and glossy surface coating on top of a decorative rock application. EkoFlo® is permeable, however, meaning that while the surface is sealed, water can still freely flow through. EkoFlo® works best with screened and/or washed aggregates. To install, combine the aggregates and EkoFlo® in a mixer for several minutes to ensure the aggregate is fully coated, then pour the blended mixture on the surface area, leveling to the desired depth and rolling to smooth the surface. EkoFlo® mix will begin to solidify within 4 hours and is fully cured in 24 hours.

TechniSoil G3 Pathway Stabilizer® is a pour-in-place stabilizer specifically created to seal aggregates. This easy to install pathway stabilizer can be applied directly to an existing crushed rock surface of garden walkways, trails, patios, landscaping and parking areas. TechniSoil G3 Pathway Stabilizer® should be applied to a damp, compacted base and absorbs 45 to 90 minutes after application.

NanoPave is a joint stabilizer that creates a consistent bond ideal for pavers and flagstone. NanoPave works with mason sand joints to prevent erosion and inhibit weed growth while allowing water to flow through. Using chat or crushed rock sized ¼” or 3/8″ minus as the joint material creates the best bond with NanoPave. NanoPave should be applied to dry pavers and joints. Allow 12 to 24 hours after application for complete drying and sealing.

Bark Binder preserves and protects mulch and bark, preventing it from blowing away due to wind, rain or leaf blowers. Bark Binder reduces erosion of mulch and decreases required maintenance by inhibiting weed growth. This environmentally safe sealer is applied directly on top of dry bark or mulch and fully cures after three to four days of application. Bark Binder works best with medium to small mulch; chunk bark chips and playground fiber are not recommended.