Vineyard 6MG Water Tank September 21, 2022

On September 21, 20222, Jack B. Parson performed night work, pouring 870 cubic yards of concrete and establishing the floor of the new Vineyard City 6MG Water Tank project. Crews were able to average 120 cubic yards per hour with two pumps.

RC Willey May 26, 2021

RC Willey is the largest furniture outlet store in the Western United States. Jack B. Parson Ready Mix Concrete and Staker Parson Materials & Construction were happy to work with this group on this awesome project.

Decorative and Colored Concrete May 18, 2021
Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) & Flowable Fills
Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)
Controlled Set Concrete
Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
Roy Jr. High School Addition May 11, 2021

An addition to Roy Jr. High school all of the wall were done in Insulated concrete form blocks. This was the first Davis County School that has been built using the ICF block technology.

Proctor and Gamble Tilt Building

This project is a 900,000 square foot production facility, used to produce paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper along with producing laundry soap and a variety of other products.

Ready Mixed Concrete May 3, 2021

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