Utah State Correctional Facility August 12, 2022

Earlier this year, Reynolds Excavation, Demolition, and Utilities completed work on the new Utah State Correctional Facility. Located in a remote wetland area west of Salt Lake City, this new 1.25 million square foot facility is the largest detention complex in Utah, sitting on nearly 200 acres of land. It is designed to house up to 3,600 inmates of all four classifications ranging from maximum security to the general population, with separate facilities for men and women.

Commerce 111 May 19, 2022

This project is a 1 million square foot pad for the 111 Commerce building. Crews worked to place material and install water line, storm drain, and sewer line.

Red Ledges Development May 26, 2021

Large quantities of pipe were installed along with mass grading and paving on steep mountain terrain. Several pressure-reducing vaults were installed along with a large pump station.

Jordanelle Parkway

Jordanelle Parkway is a $17.8 million dollar 3.75-mile-long road winding along the northwesterly side of Jordanelle reservoir from US-40 to SR-248.

City Creek Relocation

Demolition of the existing City Creek pipe and Installation of 1500 LF of 84” RCP in the same location for the Airport TRAX line.

Huntsman Cancer Institute Phase V

The project required the rerouting of existing utilities and installed new sewer, storm drain, and water. Reynolds excavated the structural package. Staker Parson paved the temporary road and patching existing areas.