Idaho Materials and Construction involved in Habitat for Humanity Home Project

September 8, 2023

Idaho Materials and Construction was a proud participant in the 2023 housing project for Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit housing organization working in local communities across the country and fighting against the affordable housing crisis.

As part of their 2023 housing project in the Magic Valley, a home was constructed and donated to a chosen family upon completion. The organization contacted Idaho Materials and Construction to discuss ways of helping with the construction materials for their 2023 home. As part of IMC’s participation, our organization donated approximately 75 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete for the home’s footing and fox block wall system, which accounted for the total amount of concrete donated for the entire project. The home, located in Kimberly, Idaho, is part of a subdivision that Idaho Materials and Construction completed utilities and roadwork for in 2021 for a separate developer.

Footings for the project were installed during the week of August 14th, and the walls were subsequently completed on August 29th. Excavations and footings were also constructed by Alberti Excavation and Concrete, one of IMC’s top customers in the Twin Falls area.

Unlike traditional homes, this project implemented ICF (Insulated Concrete Framework), which is typically more expensive to construct. Foam blocks are used to build the home’s exterior and subsequently reinforced with rebar and concrete. This process results in an easier and faster construction, and upon completion, will be stronger and better insulated than a traditional home. This material will also contribute to significant savings in terms of heating and cooling in comparison to the combined costs in a more traditional family home.

This building was constructed by volunteers, with the chosen family only receiving the keys to their new home on the non-negotiable basis that they contribute a significant amount of self-performed equity first. The idea behind this is to ensure that the families chosen understand the importance of the rare and special opportunity that they are being bestowed with.

The home is part of the “Build with Strength” initiative in partnership with the National Ready Mix Concrete Association. A program aimed to construct at least one home in each state in the country, with 33 states currently being represented.

To mark the special occasion, Patrick Matsche, the Senior Director of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association, arrived on site alongside Mike Dalzell, Regional Advisor for Fox Blocks, to supervise and help with the construction of the wall.

We are honored to be part of this community effort and contribute to a family in need.

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