5 Reasons Why Ready-Mixed Concrete Is Better Than Site-Mixed Concrete

August 18, 2022

The two major types of concrete are ready-mix and site mixed. Site-mixed concrete is prepared at the job site, while ready-mix concrete is prepared in a facility and transported to the job site via a concrete truck with a rear-mounted agitator. While both have their own inherent benefits, ready-mix concrete is almost always the better choice. Here are five reasons why.


#1 – It Saves Time 


One of the best reasons to use ready-mix concrete over its site-mixed counterpart has to do with the time involved. When you want to complete a project quickly, site-mixed concrete can slow you down since it has multiple steps and formulas to follow – not to mention the setting time. Ready-mix concrete is ready to use as soon as it’s delivered, so you can avoid those extra steps and simply start pouring. 


#2 – It Doesn’t Require a Ton of Equipment 


Another caveat associated with site-mixed concrete is the amount of equipment and materials you will need to keep on-site. Not only will you need to ensure that you have everything needed to mix the concrete – the rock, aggregate, and cement – but you’ll also need a weigh batch mixer on site to make the concrete. This is not the case with ready-mix; the only thing you need to have on-site is a way for the truck to access the pour site. 


#3 – The Quality Is More Consistent 


Concrete mixed at the job site often suffers from inconsistency because it must be mixed in smaller batches, not to mention the margin for human error. When you order ready-mix, it’s made in a factory with rigid quality controls and in huge batches. That means if you pour some of your concrete one day and some of it a week later, you’re far more likely to get the exact same quality and consistency when you opt for ready-mix. 


#4 – It Costs Less When Labor Is Factored in 


While it’s true that ready-mix concrete may cost a little more upfront, you can actually end up saving money when it comes to the labor element. With ready-mix, you only need skilled professionals to pour and finish the concrete. On the other hand, site-mixed concrete requires far more man-hours because it has to be measured, mixed, and observed before it can be poured, and because of the limited batch sizes, those man-hours can start to add up.


#5 – There’s Less Waste


Finally, in today’s eco-conscious world, trying to mix only the concrete you need to avoid waste is important. Ready-mix concrete minimizes on-site wastage, whereas some loss is expected for site-mixed concrete. Even when every batch is perfectly measured and mixed, there will be some loss during the mixing process, and loss is also likely to occur during material storage. In the case of human error, entire batches can be lost. Ready-mix virtually eliminates those issues. 


If you are trying to decide whether to use ready-mix or site-mixed concrete for your next project, the benefits of ready-mix are apparent. It saves labor, reduces waste, and costs less when the labor is factored in. Furthermore, you’ll need less equipment on the job site, and you’ll be able to finish your projects much more quickly. That’s why Staker Parson maintains world-class mixing facilities for our customers. We’re committed to providing you with excellence in every mixed batch of concrete that you buy.