6 DIY Concrete projects for 2024

January 3, 2024


There’s a kind of magic in creating something with your own hands, isn’t there? In 2024, we’re rediscovering the joy of turning ordinary things into treasures, and what’s more surprising than finding a friend in concrete? It’s time to transform our homes, not just with any projects, but with ones that hold stories, laughter, and a bit of our own spirit.


  1. Your Personalized Walkway

First up, let’s talk about creating a walkway that’s uniquely yours. Gather up some concrete mix, a few molds or frames, a handy trowel, some gravel, and maybe even a few decorative stones for flair. Start by sketching out where you want your path to go, then get the ground ready and lay down a gravel base. Mix your concrete, pour it into your molds, and smooth it out. Here’s where you can get creative – press in some decorative stones for that personal touch. Give it a couple of days to set, and voilà, your very own walkway!


  1. Green-Up with Personal Planters

Next, how about some trendy concrete planters? You’ll need some concrete mix, a variety of containers for molds (old buckets or bowls work great), a bit of cooking spray, and sandpaper. Coat the inside of your molds with the spray, mix up your concrete, and pour it in. Give the molds a good tap to get those pesky air bubbles out. After a day, gently take out your new planters and smooth out any rough spots with sandpaper. Your plants are going to love their new, stylish homes!


  1. Cozy Fire Pit Nights

A DIY fire pit can be your next big project. You’ll need some concrete blocks or bricks, a bunch of gravel, masonry adhesive, a level, and a shovel. Find a nice open spot and lay your blocks in a circle, checking with a level to keep things even. Stick the blocks together with the adhesive, fill the center with gravel, and keep stacking until you’re happy with the height. Imagine the cozy nights ahead!


  1. Chic Concrete Countertops

Ready for a bit of a challenge? Let’s make some concrete countertops. Get your hands on some concrete mix, melamine boards for molds, sealant, rebar or wire mesh, and some sandpaper and polishing pads. Build a mold with the boards, lay in the reinforcement, and pour your concrete. This part needs patience – let it cure for a week, then sand and polish it up. Seal it, and you’ve got yourself a stunning countertop.


  1. Furniture with a Twist

Concrete furniture is all the rage. You’ll need concrete mix, wood for molds, something for reinforcement, sandpaper, and sealant. Design your piece, build a mold, add in the reinforcement, and pour the concrete. Let it sit for a few days, then unmold, sand, and seal. Whether it’s a table or a bench, it’ll be a conversation starter!


  1. Small Touches, Big Impact

Finally, let’s do some small decorative pieces. Think candle holders or coasters. Just a little concrete mix, some small molds, and whatever decorative bits you like. Mix, pour, decorate, and set. Once they’re hardened, pop them out and sand down the edges. These little guys can really spruce up a space.


As you take part in these concrete adventures, remember it’s more than just DIY; it’s about infusing your space with your essence, your memories, your story. Here at Staker Parson, we believe in the power of making, of creating spaces that are not just lived in, but loved in. This year let’s fill our homes with more than just objects; let’s fill them with pieces of our hearts, crafted in concrete. Let’s build, let’s laugh, and let’s live in homes that echo our own stories.