Darigold Sitework


Idaho Materials & Construction

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Southern Idaho

Owner: Darigold
General Contractor: Food Tech 
Start Date: May 2020
Completion Date: July 2021
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Granite Excavation (Piping), Star Construction (Pumps For Lift Station)
Materials Used on Project and Quantities:  

  • Sewer & Storm Drain Piping (PVC & Ductile Iron) 
  • Pit Run – 5,000 tons
  • Base Gravel – 2,500 tons
  • Granular Subbase – 500 tons 
  • 1,400 tons  – HMA

Miscellaneous site work, including importing material for new building pad, underground piping that included a pump station, and approximately five hundred feet of sewer force main piping, various concrete curb & gutter areas, sidewalk, pedestrian ramps, asphalt paving for the main truck yard, and landscape repair. This was a somewhat difficult project due to time constraints with the new facility built and deadlines that needed to be met for many other subcontractors and deliveries of interior equipment. The scope of work itself wasn’t complex. Still, the lack of space onsite to do this work because of the number of subcontractors associated with the new facility made it extremely tricky to navigate. Our crews did a fantastic job when it came to safety and working without incident. In addition to other subcontractors, we had to contend with trucking onsite. The facility was operational throughout the project, and coordination with the trucking department and our team was paramount to not interfere with the day-to-day deliveries. Hence, the project had to be phased to accommodate the inbound and outbound truck traffic.


Your guys are really good at what they do and they’ve been great to work with!

Dave Petranek, Onsite Superintendent

Food Tech