Fish Lake Doctor Creek Campground Project


Hales Sand & Gravel

Project Type

Asphalt Paving



Fish Lake

Owner: USDA Forest Service

General Contractor: Harward & Rees

Start date: September 2023

Completion date: September 2023

Materials and Quantities Used

  • 3,000 ½” PG 64-34 Asphalt


Hales Sand and Gravel recently completed a reconstruction project on the Doctor Creek Campground in Fish Lake, UT. This project is an encampment located beside the beautiful Fish Lake and stands at an elevation of close to 9,000 feet.

Work activities included the reconstruction of the Doctor Creek campground, dump station, and access road. The Hales Sand and Gravel portion of the project was to pave the access road and spurs for the campgrounds.

Due to the high elevation and change in weather and season, there were concerns and problems of low, adverse temperatures and an impending snowstorm. This meant that the crew had a short 4-day window to complete the project at a site about 60 miles from the hot plant location.

A revised plan was implemented to haul the materials in double bellies, dump them on the ground, and subsequently reload them into dump trucks. This plan helped the crew get more tons of material daily to the project site. The crew also worked late into the evening before temperatures plummeted to try and complete as much work as possible during the day.

Regarding the success of the project, Hales Sand and Gravel Estimator/Project Manager, Kade Burr, explained,

“The forest service representative was extremely happy with how the project looked and for completing the project in 4 days before the storms rolled in. Thank you to all those involved for your hard work and for working safely.”

Work activities began and were all completed in September.

Congratulations to our Hales Sand and Gravel team on the successful completion of yet another important project.