Grantsville I-80 MP 50-60 Project


Staker Parson Materials & Construction

Project Type


Asphalt Paving



Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor: Staker Parson

Start Date: May 2023

Completion Date: August 2023

Subcontractor(s)/Other Key Contractor(s): Coughlin Milling (roto milling)


Materials and Quantities Used:

  • 47,000 tons of SMA asphalt


Staker Parson recently completed a rehabilitation project on I-80, from milepost 50 to 60, in Grantsville, UT. This project required 43 days for crews to remove the existing asphalt and place 47,000 tons of new SMA on the roadway surface. New lane striping and rumble strips were incorporated to enhance safety for travelers. Parking lot improvements were also made to two truck rest stops.

Due to the project’s remote location, the team utilized 15 to 20 double-belly trucks to transport the material to the project site daily. This process ensured the successful placement of the SMA material and a smooth roadway surface. The team encountered challenges paving SMA, as opposed to the traditional HMA, with 15 to 20 double bellies hauling onsite, but was still able to complete the task, and consequently, the project, successfully.

Regarding the work done and the success of the project, Ryan Elorreaga, the UDOT Resident Engineer, explained,

“This project on I-80 from mileposts 50-60 was unique in that it included a new method for preserving pavement that had not been implemented by UDOT before. The project’s success can be attributed to strong, professional communication regarding scheduling, quality, and problem solving between the UDOT team and the Staker Superintendent and Project Manager.”

Work began in May 2023 and was completed by the end of August 2023. Congratulations to our team on the successful completion of yet another important project.