Gunnison City Streets


Hales Sand & Gravel

Project Type


Asphalt Paving


Central Utah

Owner: Gunnison City

General Contractor: Hales Sand & Gravel

Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 5,000 Tons HMA

The Gunnison City Streets project began in early June and is anticipated to complete in late August. Located in beautiful Gunnison, Utah, this project consists of updating and improving multiple roads throughout the city.

Depending on the need, some streets require the removal of the existing asphalt, adjusting the roadway shape, grading, then placing five inches of new asphalt.

Other needs include widening the roadways. This work will require crews to place three inches of asphalt in the newly widened area, then place an additional two inches of asphalt over the entire new width of the road.

In addition, the city has identified various dirt roads that will require regrading with road base, then the placement of three inches of asphalt.

Our hard-working teams and quality materials will help extend the life of these streets and enhance the local community.

"Our crews have done a great job navigating challenges they have faced. The design has constantly changed as the project progresses, and our crews have met the design challenges, pleasing Gunnison City."

Kris Newton - Superintendent

Hales Sand & Gravel