Lincoln County Airport Project


Hales Sand & Gravel

Project Type


Asphalt Paving




Owner: Lincoln County

Start Date: August 2023

Completion Date: September 2023


Materials and Quantities Used:

  • 4,800 tons ½ inches of FAA asphalt


Hales Sand and Gravel recently completed work on an exciting project at the Lincoln County airport in Panaca City, Lincoln County, Nevada. Work activities for this project primarily included overlaying the Panaca Airport with 2 inches of FAA ½” asphalt.

Hales Sand & Gravel bid on the project earlier this year to construct the runway using asphalt from Western Rocks’ Cedar City Hot Plant.

The project site in Lincoln County is located 2 hours away from the Western Rock hot plant site, and the distance between both sites made it challenging to finalize transportation needs and move equipment across state lines. Due to this, careful and meticulous planning and communication had to be established between the Hales and Western Rock teams to ensure the successful completion of the project. Despite the were able to produce and construct a smooth runway using 3D paving.

Work on this project began near the end of August and was successfully completed in September.

Congratulations to our Hales Sand and Gravel team on the successful completion of yet another important project.