Old Highway 91 Pavement Rehab


Western Rock Products

Project Type


Asphalt Paving


Southern Utah

Owner: City of Hurricane
General Contractor: Western Rock Products
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Coughlin Company, American Traffic Services, Snow Canyon Construction, and Straight Stripe
Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 13,126 Ton HMA
  • 900 Ton Cement Powder
  • 2,000 CUYD Road Export

This 2.4-mile project was located in Hurricane City’s high-profile industrial park, serving national brands such as Walmart Distribution, FedEx Ground, Sinclair Oil, and others. Valuing $2.1M, construction activities included a full-depth reclamation (FDR), 64 ft. roadway widening, and mill & overlay. These improvements provided 2 additional travel lanes in each direction and included incorporating a turn lane. This project was completed approx. 1-month ahead of schedule, under budget, and with no project personnel injuries.