Peerless Port


Nielson Construction & Materials

Project Type



Central Utah

Owner: UDOT
Start Date: April 2020
Completion: May 2021

Products Used & Quantities:

  • 103 k cubic yards of excavation
  • 23 k cubic yards of granular borrow
  • 11 k cubic yards of UTBC
  • 10,500 Tons of ½” HMA
  • 2 k tons of SMA
  • 11 k yards of concrete to build the ramps and pads for the new buildings

Also included in the project were thousands of feet of electrical, sewer, and water lines along with catch basins, manholes, junction boxes, and multiple large culverts with concrete headwalls installed.

The Peerless Port was a project built in Carbon County along both east and west-bound shoulders of Highway 6. This project is a new Port of Entry that will replace the old one located 5 miles north in the mouth of Price Canyon. The project was designed to increase safety for the traveling public on Highway 6.