Richfield 500 North Project


Hales Sand & Gravel

Project Type




Owner: Richfield City

General Contractor: KB Construction

Start Date: April 2023

Completion Date: September 2023

Subcontractor(s)/Other Key Contractor(s): KB Construction, Coughlin Companies, Riverstone

Materials and Quantities Used:

  • 2200 tons of asphalt
  • 1300 SY sidewalk
  • 2300 LF curb and gutter
  • 7200 SY cement-treated base
  • 400 CY concrete

The Hales Sand and Gravel team has been working expeditiously on an exciting project on the North 500 East Road in Richfield, Utah. This holistic reconstruction project spans three city blocks and focuses primarily on renovating the deteriorating state of the existing roadway and utilities.

Work activities include removing the existing asphalt and installing new underground utilities. Crews treated the prepared subgrade with cement powder to help strengthen the existing material before placing new asphalt. In addition, the crews also installed new sidewalks, pedestrian access ramps, driveway approaches, and new curb and gutter for the residents along the project.

Work began in April 2023 and is expected to be successfully completed by the end of September.