SH-44, INT SH-16 to Linder Road


Idaho Materials & Construction

Project Type



Asphalt Paving





Southern Idaho

Owner: Idaho Transportation Department
General Contractor: Idaho Materials & Construction
Start Date: 
April 25, 2022
Completion Date:
August 8, 2022

Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 40,000 tons of granular subbase
  • 24,000 tons of 3/4″ base
  • 90,000 square yards of pulverization & cement recycled asphalt base stabilization
  • 35,000 tons of asphalt

Idaho Materials & Construction completed the SH-44, INT SH-16 to Linder Road project in Treasure Valley, Idaho. Improvements to the 2.3-mile section of the highway were needed as this area is heavily traveled, seeing up to 23,000 cars daily, according to the Idaho Transportation Department. The existing roadway could only accommodate one travel lane in each direction, causing heavy congestion. This project minimized congestion by incorporating two travel lanes in each direction, providing better mobility for those traveling through the area.

Construction took place in three phases to minimize traffic impacts.

  • Phase 1: Place temporary asphalt on the south side of SH-44
  • Phase 2: Construct the permanent widening of the road’s north side
  • Phase 3: Finish by building the permanent south side of the road

Improvements to this highway were constructed quickly and with minimal impacts. The surrounding community is very appreciative of the hard work and efforts of the Idaho Materials & Construction team!