SR 14; SR 148 to Mammoth Creek Rd & MP 36.8 to US-89


Western Rock Products

Project Type





Southern Utah

Owner: UDOT
General Contractor: Western Rock Products
Materials Used on Project and Quantities:

  • 4,389 Tons of HMA
  • 24,000 Tons of FSR HMA
  • 26,393 Tons of SMA

Western Rock Products is currently working on the S.R. 14; S.R. 148 to Mammoth Creek Road & MP 36.8 to U.S. 89 project. Located in both Iron and Kane counties, this project began in early June and will improve the overall smoothness and longevity of the roadway. Improvements include removing and replacing the existing asphalt and incorporating new guard rails, culverts, signs, delineators, and striping.

Due to the cement powder shortages, Western Rock has partnered with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to remove the Full Depth Reclamation and add 2 ¾” of FSR HMA in the FDR areas. Construction is anticipated to complete in the Fall of 2022.