US-6; MP 123 To Utah County Line


Staker Parson Materials & Construction

Project Type


Asphalt Paving




South Wasatch Front

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation
General Contractor:  Staker Parson Materials & Construction
Start Date: July 2022
Completion Date: September 2022

Materials & Quantities Used:

  • 8,800 Tons of HMA overlay
  • 360,000 SY of Chip Seal type

Staker Parson Materials & Construction completed a 40-mile-long preservation project on US-6 earlier this year. Improvements included 20 miles of highway rotomilling, placing HMA overlay and chip seal, and providing new pavement markings. The existing condition of this corridor was rough, cracked, rutted, and in significant need of preservation treatment. Due to funding constraints, this project could not accommodate a full-depth mill and overlay as desired. Instead, crews utilized a new innovative rotomilling process called “micro-milling” on 36 miles of the corridor. This process relies on a GPS 3D model to remove the existing asphalt to the desired depth, less than the typical milling depth, resulting in a leveled roadbed. Once the roadway was prepped, crews profile milled and placed 8,800 Tons of HMA. A chip seal application was placed to provide traction and seal the roadway, preventing further deterioration.

The project team successfully utilized innovative processes and existing materials that contributed to reducing construction costs and resulted in a safer and smoother roadway. Our work has rehabilitated this roadway for many years to come.

“To ensure the micro-milling success, Staker Parson involved Coughlin Companies early in conversations with UDOT to identify any hurdles and developed a plan to alleviate any project delays or problems. UDOT allowed us to use our chip seal aggregates out of our Keigley facility, saving haul costs and potential delays when trucks were a hard commodity to find. Pavement smoothness on the project was measured at 128 MRI before construction to an improved measurement of 75 post-construction, making the road much safer and more comfortable to drive.” – Jonas Staker, Construction Manager, Southern Wasatch Front, Staker Parson Materials & Construction.