West Davis Corridor


Staker Parson Materials & Construction

Project Type


Asphalt Paving





Davis County

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation UDOT

General Contractor: Farmington Bay Contractors (a joint venture)

  • Staker Parson Materials and Construction
  • Ames Construction
  • Wadsworth Brothers Construction

Start Date: Spring 2021

Completion Date: Winter 2023

Subcontractors/Key Contractors

  • HNTB – Lead Design
  • Cache Valley Electric
  • Comers Concrete
  • Harris Rebar
  • Harper Precast
  • Craghead Building Co.
  • Cell Crete

Materials Used on Project and Quantities to Date:

  • 7 million Tons Aggregates
  • 420,000 Tons Asphalt
  • 42,000 Cubic Yards Ready-Mix Concrete
  • 165,000 Lineal Feet of Drainage and Utility Infrastructure Pipe


Project Description

The West Davis Corridor, or state Route 177, opened to the public on January 6, 2024.

The West Davis Corridor is a new 16-mile, 4-lane divided highway in Western Davis County between the I-15 and Legacy Parkway junction at Glovers Lane in Farmington. It provides additional transportation options, reduces traffic impacts, and increases connectivity throughout the region. This highway also includes freeway-style interchanges, over 10 miles of new trails and connections, and an extension of S.R. 193 in West Point.

Beginning at the Legacy Parkway interchange, the new highway extends to state Route 193 in West Point. Completion of the Utah Department of Transportation project was originally projected to be in the summer of 2024. With numerous setbacks throughout the process, a six-month early completion of the project is a significant achievement.


Work Activities to Date


Work Activities completed during this period include underground utility work, drainage and fence installations, preliminary bridge work, placing stabilization fabric, and excavation and embankment work in preparation to place granular borrow and road base. Asphalt paving operations also took place in various areas throughout the corridor.

Staker Parson Materials & Construction implemented an innovative recycling effort by hauling large amounts of material that is typically disposed of from the South Weber and Beck Street quarries and using it as a road base. This material also helps build up the grade in preparation for asphalt.


Work activities during this period include the construction of a 250,000 SF retaining wall, 21 vehicular bridge structures, 5 pedestrian bridge structures, 6 pedestrian box structures, 8 drainage/creek box structures, and 1 vehicular box structure.

Regarding the nature and success of the project, Thomas Brittain, Staker Parson Project Controls Manager, explained,

“I’ve been a part of several large design-build projects.  None has had to endure what this one is currently experiencing, with severe impacts from a global pandemic, major supply chain issues, largely inflated materials, and an accelerated schedule. This project, however, will be a success despite the uphill climb. We are built for this!”