Staker Parson and JBP Participate in Brigham Peach Days Celebration

September 21, 2023

Staker Parson and Jack B. Parson both participated in the 2023 Brigham City Peach Days celebration from September 6th to 9th, with various employees as well as their families in attendance.

As part of our company contributions to the ceremony, the highly sought-after sandbox trailer was provided, as well as games, prizes, and various pieces of equipment representative of both our companies, the work we do, and the role we play in the industry.

Other activities and spectacles at the event also included parades, food trucks, vendors, carnival games, car shows, pageants, and a concert.

The Brigham Peach Days celebration is the city’s annual ceremony set aside as a time to commemorate an abundance of what residents describe as “the best peaches in Utah.” The event takes place each September on the weekend following Labor Day and draws in approximately 35,000 spectators for a fun-filled weekend that the Top of Utah and Southern Idaho residents eagerly anticipate each year.

Our participation this year also makes it over 20 years our company has been consistently involved in this event. We are proud to continue to be involved in such an honored community tradition and celebration.

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