Staker Parson Brings 34 Truckloads of Snow to Downtown SLC

February 23, 2024

Staker Parson delivered 34 truckloads of snow for the first metropolitan Skijoring sporting event located in downtown Salt Lake City.  

The snow was hauled from Solitude Mountain Resort in partnership with Visit Salt Lake, to create the skijoring course on West Temple in front of Abravanel Hall. Because skijoring is typically an event that takes place up in snow packed mountains, the safety of the athletes was a major concern on the paved streets of downtown Salt Lake City.  

It took two days to bring in the 34 truckloads of snow required to create a safe surface for athletes to safely ski (and gallop) through. That was enough snow to create a course that was averaged 1 foot deep and 600 feet long. The course builders started grooming the course at 6:30 am the morning of the event and they built in the jumps and obstacles for the athletes to maneuver through.  

Staker Parson had to wait until the last possible moment to start hauling the snow or else the snow was at risk of melting in the warm valley temperatures before the competition even started. Not only did the warmer temperatures present a unique challenge, the winter storms that came through the state helped the project by providing fresh snow for the athletes to compete in, but it also delayed the project temporarily due to traction restrictions in the canyons. All the hard work and planning was well worth it to see the athletes demonstrate their skills during the event. 

Staker Parson has a long-standing partnership with Solitude Mountain Resort hauling snow to clear out the parking lots when it snows. So, when Visit Salt Lake asked for snow, the leaders at Solitude said we know a guy. We’re proud to have built the relationships we have with our business and community partners and the opportunity to participate in local community events such as the Salt Lake Winter Roundup. As the Project Manager Kelly Morgan for this project said, “Events like this not only create potential work [and] new hires but also puts our name out there for the community that might not just benefit us, but benefit the community.”

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