Fish Lake Doctor Creek Campground Project October 5, 2023

Hales Sand and Gravel recently completed a reconstruction project on the Doctor Creek Campground in Fish Lake, UT. This project is an encampment located beside the beautiful Fish Lake and stands at an elevation of close to 9,000 feet. Work activities both began and were completed in September. 

Lincoln County Airport Project September 29, 2023

Hales Sand and Gravel recently completed work on an exciting project at the Lincoln County airport in Panaca City, Lincoln County, Nevada. Work activities for this project primarily included overlaying the Panaca Airport with 2 inches of FAA ½” asphalt. Hales Sand & Gravel bid on the project earlier this year to construct the runway using asphalt from Western Rocks’ Cedar City Hot Plant. Work on this project began near the end of August and, despite unique challenges faced, was successfully completed in September.

Richfield 500 North Project September 8, 2023

The Hales Sand and Gravel team has been working expeditiously on an exciting project on the North 500 East Road in Richfield, Utah. This holistic reconstruction project spans three city blocks and focuses primarily on renovating the deteriorating state of the existing roadway and utilities.

SR-24; Sand Ledges to Koosharem Turnoff August 10, 2022

Hales Sand & Gravel recently completed the SR-24; Sand Ledge to Koosharem Turnoff Project in Central Utah. This 11-mile project, located in the beautiful Koosharem Valley and adjacent to Koosharem Reservoir, required updating the shoulders and widening the roadway to improve and provide safer mobility for travelers.

Gunnison City Streets June 16, 2022

The Gunnison City Streets project began in early June and is anticipated to complete in late August. Located in beautiful Gunnison, Utah, this project consists of updating and improving multiple roads throughout the city.

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