LCC Early Action (Little Cottonwood Canyon) January 18, 2021

Widening of this stretch of road required environmental, wildlife, and historical artifact consideration.

Lifetime Warehouse

The Lifetime Warehouse project completed by Staker Parson Materials & Construction consists of a new building, asphalt paving, concrete curb and gutter, as well as concrete paving.

Concrete Sand January 7, 2021

Concrete Sand is a 1/4″ washed course sand that is used as a base layer for flagstone and pavers.

White Mortar Sand

Mortar Sand is a 1/8″ washed sand that is used underneath pavers, in between flagstone & paver joints, underneath above ground pools, etc. This product is available at the Beck Street, Lehi, & Ogden Landscape Yards. Product color varies per location. Product is also available in bags at the Beck Street & Ogden Landscape Yards.

White Playground Sand

White Playground Sand is a 1/16″ washed sand sold at the Beck Street, Heber, Lehi, & Ogden Landscape Yards.