Site Work & Development, Ready-Mixed Concrete & Construction, Utah: Titanium Sponge Plant

July 18, 2011

Owner: ATI Titanium LLC | Allegheny Technologies

General Contractor: ICPE

Completion Date: 2009

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

The project owner thanked JBP for the success of the project, saying, “The concrete batch plant you have provided has kept our project moving smoothly and we appreciate your ability to support the large concrete pours with all the drivers necessary to keep the flow of concrete to the foundation without any issues.”

  • 200,000 cubic yards of excavation & imported structural fill
  • 700,000 square asphalt paving
  • 70,000 square feet concrete pavement
  • 50,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 15,000 cubic yards of grout
  • On-site concrete batch plant installed