Innovative Staker Parson Conveyor System Keeps Roads Safe at Hinckley Drive Extension Project Site in Roy

October 22, 2009

OGDEN, UT How do you transport thousands of tons of fill material to a road construction site on one of Weber County’s most congested roadways without stopping traffic or dropping debris that endangers motorists and workers? Staker Parson Companies developed an innovative solution to the tricky problem a 2,200 foot-long overland and overhead conveyor that will transport nearly 500,000 tons of fill material directly to the new Hinckley Drive extension project in Roy, Utah.

UDOT’s general contractor, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, Inc., hired Staker Parson to supply and place the fill material for the project. Staker Parson’s original thought was to haul material from its South Weber pit. But after being awarded the project, the company began to explore other options that would speed things up and improve safety for the travelling public and the many contractors working on the project along 1900 West. The creative solution that emerged was to convey fill material over the roadway from a vacant lot on the east side of 1900 West, to the site of the new structure being built on the west side. The fill material is placed into a stockpile where a loader transfers the material to the conveyor hopper. The conveyor transports material overland for half a mile, and then up and over 1900 West to Hinckley Drive where it is released from the conveyor belt. As it is released, the material is sprayed with a mist of water to help it meet UDOT’s compaction requirements.

In addition to preventing dirt and mud from being tracked on the highway and greatly improving safety and commuter convenience, the conveying system will remove 307,000 truck miles off the roads and prevent 414 tons of greenhouse gasses from being emitted into the air, estimates Brad Hansen, Ogden Construction Manager for Staker Parson.

We always look for ways to improve our projects and this one provided the perfect opportunity to apply conveyor technology in a new way in Utah,” said Hansen. One of the biggest challenges was safely getting our trucks across the highway. Without the conveyors, we would have had to stop traffic every two minutes to let trucks go in and out of the project site. The conveyor system is much safer, more convenient and efficient.

The inventive conveyor system is a great example of project enhancements that occur when everyone involved in the project works together. Effective partnering between the general contractor, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, Inc., sub-contractor, Staker Parson Companies, Union Pacific Railroad, UTA, and owner, the Utah Department of Transportation, has resulted in a very positive outcome.