Landscaping For Beginners

May 20, 2014

Take a look at sun and wind patterns. Know where the shady spots are and which parts will get a lot of sun. A patio on the east side of the house will be cool and shaded in the evenings, while one on the west side will get a lot of afternoon and evening heat. Wind coming around a corner might extinguish a fire pit.

Clean up! Mow the lawn and rid the place of weeds. Do some raking. Not only will a clean yard give you more of an idea of what you have to work with, but it will also make your lawn look nicer.

Start small and work your way from there. Set priorities. Be realistic. Maybe start with a flowerbed. Experiment with plants that work there, and consult the employees of a garden store if you need advice. If your garden is mostly in the shade, you will have to work with plants that can handle less sunshine. Start with native plants that grow naturally in your region.

Work around a focal point. A good garden has one or more focal points that draw the attention of visitors, whether it’s a statue, a tree, or a fountain. It doesn’t have to be anything large, but it will draw the eye and perhaps establish your design.

Establish patterns. Determine your style. Do you like symmetry? Or would you rather mix things up a little? Repeat some elements, like color or shape, throughout the landscape, but don’t make it too monotonous.

Consider adding fresh mulch to flower beds and garden areas. Dark mulch will protect your plants and give a clean, unified look. If you spread on the mulch nice and thick, it may be a year or so until you have to mulch again. Fill side yards with landscape material like pea gravel or sand. A smooth look in these areas will give your yard a more polished appearance. Adding gravel or sand to an area of yard that is neglected can save time and money because it doesn’t require much weeding and no watering.

Lastly, enjoy what you’ve created. Your hard work can pay off. When you’re sitting on your patio on a summer day, enjoying the beauty you’ve cultivated around you. You will appreciate that you put so much into your landscaping.