Ready-Mixed Concrete Supplier, Pervious Concrete, Utah: Museum of Natural History

July 18, 2012

Owner: State of Utah
General Contractor: Big-D Construction
Completion Date: 2011
Location: Salt Lake City

This 163,000 square-foot museum, nestled in the hillside of a 17-acre lot bisected by the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, is designed to inspire an appreciation for science and represent Utah’s magnificent natural history, landscape and future.

Jack B. Parson Companies created a self-consolidating concrete mix that incorprated a higher percentage of Class F fly ash to improve flowability and architectural appeal. We also supplied pervious concrete pavement for the sidewalks and parking lot, allowing all runoff water to be recharged into the ground and aquifer.

This project was the American Concrete Institute’s 2012 Jury’s Choice Excellence in Concrete winner.

  • 14,000 cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete
  • Board-form, cast in place concrete was used to create an exposed formed structure and appears in many places throughout the museum
  • The unique concrete support base for the dinosaur platforms makes the dinosaurs appear as if they are floating in air
  • A large concrete slab hangs off the wall of The Canyon to represent Utah’s ancient rock formations and landscape. The slab is 13 feet wide by 14 feet high and 5 feet deep. A master woodworker built the wood form, then crews inserted the form to support the weight of the concrete
  • With as many as 180 construction workers on site at any given time, the team achieved a safety record of 700,000 man hours without a lost time accident