July 19, 2011

Fountains can make your landscape more interesting, and there’s nothing quite like the sights and peaceful sounds of an outdoor garden fountain. Water Fountains are one of the most popular additions to backyard gardens. Fountains add the exquisite beauty of flowing water and a touch of tranquility to our yards and our lives. Outdoor fountains can sooth our nerves and take us away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

But before buying a fountain, decide what type of fountain feature you want (spray, trickle, bubbling or cascading water, etc.) taking into consideration the size of your yard as well as your budget. Fountains are made from many different materials including concrete, terra-cotta, millstones, carved or cast stone or faux-stone. No matter which type of outdoor fountain you choose, it’s wise to find out how frost-resistant the material as ice may fracture certain materials.

After choosing your fountain, it’s time to install it. The Staker Parson Landscape Center has prepared the following link to help you install your fountain.

2014 HRA Info Included In CDHP Plan
2014 HRA Info Included In CDHP Plan ยป Post
2014 HRA Info included in CDHP plan.pdf
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