Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

September 15, 2014

You don’t have to be an expert to have an inviting backyard. Here are a few simple backyard-landscaping ideas that just about anyone can do. These are inexpensive and can be completed on any budget.

Install a Fence

The right fence both increases privacy and brings a decorative touch to your backyard. It also provides a surface for climbing vines and wall-mounted potted plants. Just put together a simple lattice-work or picket fence. If a fence feels too confining, try a trellis or pergola. Both make excellent ways to liven up your yard. Try a lightweight annual like sweet pea or nasturtium to wreath your trellis or pergola. An additional bonus: your trellis, pergola or fence will bring fragrant flowers up to nose level, enabling you to smell them better. These also make nice focal points, perhaps as an entrance to a vegetable bed or sitting area.

Add a Focal Point

Speaking of focal points, you need something in your backyard to catch your eye. If there isn’t already something that stands out and draws the eye, think about adding some large item of garden décor, like a statue or—as previously mentioned—a trellis or pergola. A simple way to make something stand out is to plant a patterned bed of flowers around it.

Improve Your Walkways

You don’t have to settle for a plain walkway. Try edging an existing concrete path with low growing perennials. Or you can try for a corridor look by planting taller grass like lavender or Mondo grass. If you’d rather replace your existing path, think about using tiles, gravel or stepping-stones. Each has its pros and cons. A flagstone walkway looks great, but it needs a fair amount of weeding. Pavers require less weeding but tend to collect moss.

Freshen Up Your Patio

If you have a plain concrete patio, there are several easy, cheap ways to make it look new. First, coat the surface with masonry stain in the color of your choice. Consider a checkerboard pattern, for instance. Second, lay slate tiles over the concrete with a thin-set mortar for a nice, elegant appearance.

Add Paint

Paint the back of your house a different color from the other three sides, something that complements the garden. Choose a neutral shade like taupe, beige, or light gray and consider coordinating with existing features like a stone path or fence. Done right, this can look quite striking.