Staker Parson Companies Awarded for Creating a Safe Workplace Environment

July 31, 2014

Staker Parson Companies recently received an Award of Excellence for outstanding performance and excellence in creating a safe workplace environment. Utah Manufacturers Association acknowledges companies that make safety a top priority. The Utah Manufacturers Association Workplace Safety Award recognizes companies based on best practices for eliminating workplace injuries. Staker Parson Companies received the award on Friday, April 18th at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah.

In order to receive this award, each company must submit information about safety training, measurability of goals, employee engagement information, cost to implement and maintain programs, and motivational tools used to encourage safety outside of work. There are four categories for entries based on company size: 1 to 50 employees, 51 to 200 employees, 210 to 500 employees, and 501 employees and up. Staker Parson Companies competed in the 501 employees and up category.

“Staker Parson Companies has embraced employee empowerment and engagement for many years. Recent research shows that American workers engagement levels are at all-time lows. We know that when employees are truly engaged and feel ownership in their work, performance in all areas improves,” said Scott Parson, Staker Parson Companies President. Staker Parson Companies complies with several federal agencies (OSHA, MSHA, DOT, EPA, etc.) requiring specific training and safety compliance. While Staker Parson Companies has implemented many safety programs, “When I SEE something…I will STOP…and DO something” is one that empowers each and every employee to call out when they see something unsafe. “This is a commitment to our goal of Target Zero. Near misses are encouraged to be shared in relation to this motto thus making our employees aware of potential hazards and unsafe behavior which improves safety each and every day,” said Jeremy Speas, Staker Parson Companies Safety and Health Specialist. Employees have committed to engaging in safety to benefit everyone around them and workplace injuries have been at an all-time low.