Staker Parson Transportation Groups Celebrate Working 400 Days Incident Free

September 14, 2011

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah–The Brigham City and Smithfield transportation groups at Staker Parson Companies recently celebrated working 400 days incident free. With nine drivers at each location working an average of 1,800 hours over the past 13 months, the two groups have safely logged over 32,000 hours of incident free work.

Derrick Pack, Staker Parson transportation manager, credits the success to team work and communication. “Most of these drivers have been working together for over 3 years so they work very well together as a team,” Pack says. “They communicate often and watch each others’ backs. The drivers actively participate in Safety is Caring and report their near misses. They have created a culture that encourages safety as a way of being.”

Pack says another key to the safety success of the groups is communication between the transportation and construction departments. “The construction departments have done an excellent job of supporting our trucks by communicating directions, job site hazards and giving the drivers adequate time to accomplish their tasks safely.”

The 18 employees were presented with a company jacket at their weekly safety meeting on Sept. 14 to celebrate their achievement.