Team Work Helps Control Weber River Flood

April 20, 2011

Ogden, UTAH–Utah’s rivers are running high and fast, creating serious flooding problems for many communities. Several levee breaches combined with an extreme amount of rainfall and runoff water along the Weber River in West Haven City put dozens of homes at risk for flooding. West Haven City called Staker Parson Companies and asked for any help they could give to help stop the flooding river.

Staker Parson immediately responded and donated close to 50 hours of truck time and 1500 tons of material to help with flood control. The sandbagging efforts proved successful and kept the water from causing serious damage to homes along the river.

Staker Parson wasn’t the only company that responded to the emergency: local competitors Geneva Rock and Granite Construction also responded by donating time and equipment. The three companies worked together to strengthen the community in a time of desperate need.

West Haven City Emergency Manager Stephanie Carlson sent Staker Parson a letter saying, “Thank you so much for all you and the crew at Staker Parson’s did to help stop the river. Without your help, West Haven would still be flooding, businesses would be suffering, and damage would be continuing to increase. Your efforts and generous donation made a very bad situation bearable and manageable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”