Wesley Johnson, P.E.

August 13, 2012

On behalf of Midway City we would like to thank you for providing us with the roto-mill tailings from the Midway Main Street project. Staker has always provided Midway City with a quality product at a fair price. Staker always seems to go a little extra when working with Midway City.

Often times management only hears about the project problems and complaints. We would like to thank you for staffing the project with Ralph Bennett. Ralph has been very professional and knowledgeable about his job and the project. Not only did Ralph address UDOT’s project requirements, but was also willing to listen and help Midway City whenever possible.

The project has impacted our Main Street from Midway to Heber City most of the summer. I have been very impressed how Ralph has managed the project and did his best to meet the needs of the Midway businesses and traveling public.

Thanks again.