Staker Parson Companies Employees Help Send Donations to Leyte, Philippines

April 6, 2017

Donation Thank You to Staker Parson Companies from Leyte, Philippines from OM West on Vimeo.

Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded, devastating portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, in early November 2013. For Jen, it had been a few years since she had visited her family in the Philippines, and for Will, this would be his first trip.

Jen and Will Worley had been sending money to Jen’s family’s village to help them purchase supplies and basic necessities needed because of the destruction of Typhoon Yolanda. Knowing the most important necessity was food and understanding that the government aid could take some time to arrive in the remote village of Brgy. Roosevelt, Philippines, Jen and Will decided to do more than just send cash. They decided to rally help from friends, family, and co-workers to do more.

Will Worley, QC Technician at Staker Parson Companies, reached out to his co-workers. Staker Parson Companies rallied together to donate clothing, hygiene kits, and cash to help Jen and Will purchase much-needed clothing and school supplies for the children in the village. Delta Airlines donated buddy passes for other traveling members of the group along with extra baggage allowance for the many bags Will, Jen, and the group would be taking with them.

Once they arrived in the Philippines, the group made their way to the village. In order to get to the villages most damaged by the typhoon, the group had to take three forms of transportation from the airport. The bridges going into the village were destroyed by the typhoon. Because of this, the group would have to walk across the bridges carrying all their supplies by hand. Some of the buildings had been rebuilt, but many old houses and other buildings had been completely washed out.

As they entered the village, Will couldn’t help but notice the smiles on the faces of so many who had been affected by this very destructive typhoon. Even though the destruction was evident, they all still managed to have a smile on their face and welcome the group with open arms. There were so many children waving and saying hello. One of the things they were so excited about was the candy Jen and Will had packed in their suitcase to hand out. There were many adults and children lined up waiting to receive the delicious American candy.

Over the next few days, the group handed out school supplies to local school children. The kids were all in a line holding signed papers saying, “Thank you Staker Parson Companies.” What a sight! “I can’t help myself but cry as we handed the bags to each kid. I can see how happy they are seeing what’s inside of the bags. We came up with school supplies, sleepers, shirts, shorts, and most importantly, toys. You can see it was the happiest day of their lives,” said Jen Worley. The group also helped repair bridge damage and clean up the village as needed.

“My personal motto is, it is better to give than to receive. I always believe in the saying, ‘What goes around comes around’ so let’s continue to share our blessings. Will and I want to personally thank Dan, AKA Grandpa (Staker Parson Companies), Tony Bronson (Staker Parson Companies), Lisa Nielson (Staker Parson Companies), and everyone who helped make this trip a success. Lisa was our “Go TO” person in America for all our logistical needs, volunteer shirts, and supplies.

Without her help and the help of the team, this trip would not have been the seamless operation it panned out to be. We plan to go back in a year’s time to continue the rebuilding process and give more school supplies to the local elementary, junior high, and high school,” said Jen.